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West Gate Studios was developed in 2009 and in the over 10 years of activity, thousands of students have been accommodated here, discovering a new experience in their lives.

In addition to living spaces, West Gate Studios offers residents the following facilities: fully equipped study rooms, modern library, medical clinic, restaurant, supermarket, laundry services, tennis court, fitness room, swimming pool and run track, multi-purpose space, barbecue terrace, event room, indoor and outdoor parking, space for bike storage.

The campus offers the community of young people all the facilities and services needed to develop in a healthy and modern environment, adapted to their needs.

More than 1.400 students and young professionals of different nationalities live in the over 700 campsite studios.


Join the westers community and you will discover the best experience of your student years! You will spend time with your colleagues and you will enjoy a campus where you can evolve every day!